Hi, ladies and gents. My name is David, I'm a twenty three year old who currently lives in Auckland, New Zealand. I'm a BSc Psych major currently at the University of Auckland. I've previously lived in Australia and the USA. My hobbies include looking at boys, not sleeping, Teen Wolf, K-Pop, drinking like the irish, and swearing like a fuckin' sailor.

“Fuck this fucking show I hate it and I’m never watching it again.”
- Me talking about my favorite tv show. (via skinnybrynny)


I’ll never get used to david taking his laptop to the bathroom with him

My parents just put in an offer for a house in Brisbane which is cool, looks like I have another place that I can visit whenever I get bored.

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Playstation One Startup

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okay well, after two days of animating, ive finished this heaping pile of shit for the internet. enjoy the worst teen wolf animation/voice acting ever


it was so worth watching

I’m kind of glad that “Already Home” by A Great Big World wasn’t out in 2009 because I think I would’ve died crying.

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The Middle East
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Grandfather, gentle soul, you’ll fly
Over your life once more before you die…

Love this song


i started disliking straight people as a joke but now i’m not so sure if i’m joking anymore