Hi, ladies and gents. My name is David, I'm a twenty four year old who currently lives in Auckland, New Zealand. I'm a BA Psych major currently at the University of Auckland. I've previously lived in Adelaide, South Australia and Melbourne, Victoria; Milford, Pennsylvania and New York City, New York. Most of my life is spent looking at pretty boys, drinking cheap gin, not sleeping, being emotionally volatile and listening to sad music.


enough of that “stick around for ur family” shit

here’s why you shouldn’t kill yourself u fucker

  • orgasms
  • fuckin puppies those cute lil shits
  • dude have you seen the fucking maldives
  • did i mention orgasms
  • ddude fob is back together n they r releasing new pUNK SONGS
  • so many concerts to go to
  • fuckin WINTER. snow n shit
  • the “keep calm and carry on” meme is dying
  • bareback sex


showering then putting on dirty clothes is my aesthetic 





Land of the free home of the rich

What really scares me is that they all have significantly cheaper health care AND education, which means Americans not only make the least, they pay the most.

…wait, what?

Hi kids, we all use different currencies and the cost of living in the countries at the top of the list is fucking ridiculous so please go on make it all about America a little bit more though.

ok so i get the whole purchasing power parity argument when discussing different countries minimum wages but there is like no other country other than the US where people get $350k bills for things like appendectomies and $150k bills for a four year degree
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The people who come running to hug you after you haven’t seen them in awhile are my favorite type of people.

  • derek: *slips a wedding ring on braeden's finger* i'm just protecting my investment